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What Are The Benefits Of Hot Yoga?

Yoga has experienced an upsurge in popularity during the last several decades. While some still associate yoga with new age mysticism, or the latest gym fad, yoga is actually an ancient practice that connects the body, mind, and spirit through poses, controlled breathing, and meditation.

Regular practice with an experienced instructor has the potential to improve overall health and fitness, alleviate symptoms, assist in weight loss and improve mental and emotional well being. Read on to learn more about just some of Yoga’s many benefits for a healthy and balanced life. Then stop by Hot Salutations and take in a class. You’ll be hooked.

Health Benefits

Regular yoga practice has been reported to improve overall health in a number of areas. Improved blood pressure, pulse rate, circulation and respiratory function all lead to better cardiovascular health. Further, yoga practice actually massages internal organs, thus improving the ability of the body to prevent disease.

Yoga practice has frequently been correlated with a stronger immune system and gastrointestinal functions have been shown to improve in both men and women who practice yoga. Pain tolerance is much higher among those who practice yoga regularly and chronic pain, such as back pain, are often lessened or eliminated through yoga

A well balanced metabolism is important for maintaining healthy weight and controlling hunger. Yoga lowers cholesterol by improving blood circulation and burning fat. Triglycerides, i.e. fat in the blood, often indicates a risk for heart disease and high blood pressure. A recent study shows that yoga can significantly lower triglyceride levels.

There is also evidence to suggest that yoga may lower blood glucose and sodium levels in your body while increasing red blood cell levels. Red blood cells carry oxygen through the blood, and maintaining healthy levels will fight off anemia and low energy.

Your lymphatic system boosts your immunity and reduces toxins in your body. Yoga promotes a strong lymphatic system and helps to regulate and control hormone secretion. An improved endocrine system keeps hormones in balance and promotes better overall physical and emotional health. Yoga’s ability to stimulate detoxification in the body helps to slow down the aging process.

Many practitioners of yoga also swear by its ability to reduce or even eliminate existing symptoms and prevent the onset of certain diseases. Yoga improves posture, strength, energy levels, sleep, and balance all leading to an improved sense of well being and emotional state. In fact, there are even reports that suggest a strong connection between yoga and reduced levels of anxiety and depression.

Exercise Benefits

As an exercise regime, yoga is unequaled in its ability to deliver results. Many athletes include it in their cross training efforts to improve core strength. Yoga can increase and maintain muscle mass and tone with low impact and low risk of injury compared to weight training and other forms of exercise. Yoga’s full body integration can improve joint range of motion, dexterity, reaction time, endurance, and the list goes on.

Finally, yoga is introspective and focused on building the self. The yoga studio is an inviting and inclusive environment absent of competition or intimidation. So what are you waiting for? Get started soon by joining us for a class.  Check our class schedule to find a convenient and affordable class that fits your schedule. The introspective and self-building nature of yoga removes any need of competition in the exercise regimen. With the lack of competition, the yogi is free to work slowly to avoid any undue injury as well as promote a more balanced and stress-free workout.