Prepare Yourself For Your Yoga Class

Prepare Yourself For your Yoga Class Hot Salutations Coconut Creek, FL

So many times we focus on the after effect of a fitness class – how we feel or what to eat. All of which are very important but many times we neglect our routine before a workout.

Our preparation for a yoga class is just as important as our post. Use these tips to increase your performance during the class and decrease your post recovery time.

1. Come Well-Hydrated.

Switch out your caffeine for water. Caffeine tends to dehydrate the body and can increase your heart rate, leaving you feeling lethargic and abnormally tired during the class.

2. Eat A Small Meal.

Eat a small meal or even a snack one to two hours prior to your hot yoga class. This gives your body enough time to digest and absorb the nutrients from your food. Try fruit, granola bars, Greek yogurt (lots of protein J), or a handful of almonds. Stay away from foods that are high in sugar and processed. Stick with high in protein foods that will keep you full and give you fuel.

3. Don’t Roll Out of Bed.

Give yourself enough time for your body to wake up and get acclimated to moving around. If you are attending a morning class, be sure to wake up at least 45 minutes prior and get some food and water in your body.

4. Mentally Prepare.

Many people have a morning ritual that they go through to prepare themselves for the day. We should do the same thing before each yoga class. Mentally prepare yourself for what is in store for you during your practice. Arrive five to ten minutes early to your yoga class to meditate. Sit cross-legged with your palms up and eyes closed. Focusing on your third eye, empty all of your thoughts and concerns that crowd your mind…Let Go! Then set your intentions for the class. What do you want to get out of your class today? Maybe its just a simple stretch or maybe you want to walk out of the class stress free. As you go through your class remind yourself of your intentions and stick with them!

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes.

You will probably regret wearing anything other than light, tight fitting clothes. As you move through poses you don’t want to worry about fidgeting with your shirt or hiking up your pants. Remember this is a hot yoga class, so you will be sweating A LOT. Take a look at our favorite picks – Athletica, Lululemon, and Zella.


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