Hot Salutations Coconut Creek FL

About Us

Hot Salutations, a hot yoga studio committed to creating a yoga community and family within Coconut Creek, Florida. We strive to provide a peaceful and encouraging environment while giving you the challenging workout you desire.

Our studio teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga to students of all ages and abilities. Our classes are designed to provide unique and challenging practice to each individual student regardless of experience level. Our 60 minute classes with an experienced, knowledgeable, caring instructor, are a great way to meet your personal fitness goals while achieving true life balance. 

About Our Owner

Hot Salutations was founded by long time yoga instructor Rachel Bash, in order to share her love and enthusiasm for Yoga’s numerous benefits with students of all levels or age.

A lifelong fitness, health and wellness advocate, Rachel is an avid marathon runner, distance swimmer and certified spinning instructor. She is a graduate of Florida International University where she achieved her BS degree in Recreational Therapy and attended graduate school.

Rachel discovered Yoga while in college and immediately recognized its potential to strengthen and heal the body, and to help one achieve true balance in all aspects of life. Hot Yoga became a more important part of Rachel’s fitness regime over time and she became a certified instructor in 2007. Since then, Rachel has continued to grow her practice, researching and testing yoga styles and techniques to bring her students the best possible learning experience.

Rachel is dedicated to helping her students reach their own fitness goals through her unique style of Hot Vinyasa Flow yoga instruction. She is known for her ability to challenge all students regardless of their experience level or range of motion.

She makes a point to address the needs of every student in every class. This is no small task, but Rachel achieves it by creating a environment of communication and community. Her approach is uniquely adaptable and responsive. She recognizing that every student brings their own challenges and strengths to the mat.

It is no wonder that Rachel has been quietly amassing a loyal following of students in the local area over the past several years. Hot Salutations Community Yoga Center is the logical extension of her work, dedication and attention.

Whether you are an experienced Yogi or Yogini, or a complete newbie, check out our class schedule and join us for a class.